Everybody in Sheffield can play a role in helping us to support vulnerable people in the city. Help Us Help relies on public support in many ways. 

This Christmas we are asking people and businesses to pledge their support to us in any way they can. Sheffield charities and services have told us what their clients are most in need of at this time of year. For a downloadable shopping list and drop off points, click here.

Here are some examples of how you may be able to pledge your support to us:

* Look into volunteering opportunities with charities in Sheffield

* Find out what items a charity is short of and donate to them

* Follow Help Us Help on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and share and like posts to spread our messages

* Big a Big Issue North

* Display some information about Help Us Help in your workplace, and arrange a collection

* Host a charity box in your workplace for donations

* Have a chat with someone and encourage them to access support services

* You can scroll through some other suggested pledges below, or download some pledge posters to display here. 

Come along to our Christmas Market stall between 21 and 27 November near the Town Hall in the city centre to chat to staff from support services, and hang your pledge on our Christmas tree. We'll update this page regularly with pledges as we receive them, so check back to see if you can spot your pledge on a later date.

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