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Jon's Story - 12/06/17

Jon's story shows how simple things, such as having a conversation can help.

Jon runs a business in Sheffield and regularly passed the same person sat on the pavement.

“Homelessness, get a job, find a flat – it’s that simple or so I used to think!"

“I couldn’t tell you how, but one day I got speaking to a homeless guy named Pete, sleeping rough outside a Tesco on a well-known Sheffield Road, I’d seen him there for weeks on end before we chatted."

“Over the course of a few weeks he opened up more and more, drugs, drink, prison, relationship issues, parental issues, children, health problems. I contacted the Archer Project to see what could be done and did my own research with other organisations on how the housing system worked."

“This simply made me realise that mere conversation was all I could realistically offer Pete."

“Pete had been visited by outreach workers but wouldn’t work with them. The issue of helping Pete find a home wasn’t as simple as ‘here’s a flat Pete, have a good life.'"

“Chatting with Pete clearly helps, its human, that’s what we do. But untangling, re-aligning, supporting and giving the best chance of a happy life would take people and organisations with multi skillsets a lot of time, even years of support. This is precisely were Archer Project and other agencies fit in."

“So, my thoughts of solving homelessness with just homes has now changed to realise the mind blowing complexities involved – At the same time, simply having a chat can help relieve the monotonous boredom the homeless suffer.”