Support and treatment is available for anyone in Sheffield experiencing drug and alcohol issues.

All services in Sheffield take self-referrals and are open access, meaning people can walk in and be seen that day. There are no waiting times.

The support given by services is tailored to each person and might include: one-to-one support, therapeutic help, medical help and rehabilitation.

'Here to Help' map - We have developed a map to show the location of day centres, charities and support services that work with people begging and sleeping rough. Download it here.


Get help with alcohol

Help is available if you’re worried about your drinking or someone else’s.


Get help with drugs - Opiate Service, for anyone using heroin or other opiate based drugs:


Get help with drugs - Non Opiate Service

This service is for anyone using drugs such as cocaine, cannabis, new psychoactive substances, including Spice and any other non-opiate based substances.

Spice information

Spice is a highly addictive and toxic drug, the effects of which are visible in the city centre and beyond, with regular reporting in local and national press.

Sheffield DACT has created a number of materials to support professionals working with people using Spice in Sheffield and to support people using Spice.  This includes harm reduction messages, key messages for workers, and leaflets for people using Spice giving them information on where to access support.  

Click here for a downloadable leaflet about Spice overdose for professionals.

To get support with your Spice use, follow the Non Opiate Service pathway at 44 Sidney Street, Sheffield, S1 4RH. Drop in is available, or call 0114 305 0500.


Needle exchange: Call 0114 305 0500

Needle exchanges are available at the Opiate and Non-Opiate services. More than 14 pharmacies also provide a needle exchange. See where.


Support groups


Sheffield Treatment and Recovert Team (START) provide information, advice, support and treatment to help you make changes to your drinking and begin your recovery journey. They can also provide and support if you are affected by someone else’s drinking.

Read more about their work on our blog:


Sheffield Drug and Alcohol Co-ordination Team (DACT)

The above services are funded by Sheffield Drug and Alcohol Co-ordination Team (DACT).

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