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Download an up to date list of service opening times here.

'Here to Help' map - We have developed a map to show the location of day centres, charities and support services that work with people begging and sleeping rough. Download it here. (Please note: because of the changing nature of provision during Covid, some details may be out of date.)

Outreach - Every week, a number of early morning outreach sessions take place in the city centre to identify and support the people who are sleeping rough. Outreach workers also walk around the city centre during the day, making contact with people who are sleeping rough or begging, providing food, drink and clothing and encouraging them to access support available in the city.

Free food and drink is available seven days a week for people who are without accommodation or income. We are working on producing a map to illustrate clearly where all of these places are.

Services that are open on weekdays between 9am and 5pm also offer support to get accommodation, access healthcare, and provide advice and guidance on a range of issues and concerns useful to people who are homeless.

The main day services in the city centre are Cathedral Archer Project and Ben’s Centre.

People who are homeless can get help with:

  • Food
  • Fresh clothing: many local charities that help the homeless have small supplies of fresh clothing.
  • Sanitary supplies: along with new underwear, sanitary towels and tampons are available at the Cathedral Archer Project and Ben’s Centre. 
  • Sleeping bags: These are available through a number of agencies including the Rough Sleeper Service, Ben’s Centre and the Cathedral Archer Project.
  • Sun cream: Overlooked but important on sunny days, available from the Big Issue North, Ben’s Centre and the Cathedral Archer Project.
  • Dog food and healthcare: Supported by the RSPCA food and some health care for dogs is available through the Cathedral Archer Project and Ben’s Centre.
  • Places to relax and chat: all services engage people in conversation and are interested in how to help them move away from street life to more satisfying and healthy ways of living.
  • Showers and laundry: Ben’s Centre and the Cathedral Archer Project have showers with shower gels, shampoos, toothpaste and brushes. The Cathedral Archer Project also has a laundry and people who are rough sleeping can keep spare clothes and valuables in storage at the project.
  • Care of address and free telephone: posted mail remains important for medical, housing, financial and other documents and appointments. People living on the streets can use day services like Ben’s Centre and the Cathedral Archer Project as care-of addresses and also for free phone use to contact families or those important appointments or services.
  • Access to the internet: many services are easier to contact electronically and some only offer e-communication. This excludes people who cannot afford internet services or the gadgets needed for internet access. A number of services offer free access including the Cathedral Archer Project, Ben’s Centre and the Big Issue.

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