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Call the council’s Housing and Options line on 0114 273 6306, Monday – Friday, 8.30am to 5pm.

In emergencies, during evenings and weekends, please phone: 0800 7311 689.

Everyone contacting the council for help and advice will receive support. This might include:


  • Signposting to services designed to prevent homelessness and help people over the age of 18 with a range of housing-related challenges.  Single parents, families, couples and single people can all get support. These services are accessed either through Sheffield City Council’s Pathway or by direct self-referral
  • An assessment to determine if the council has a duty to find someone somewhere to stay
  • A referral to a service which offers support to look at things a person might find challenging, such as budgeting
  • A referral to a supported accommodation provider where support is on hand and tailored to individual need - support typically lasts for 6-12 months, although can be extended if needed
  • Sign posting to services in the city who may be able to help
  • Support to register on the council housing register
  • Help to find private rented accommodation

The system in Sheffield is designed to help people away from homelessness and street life.

Extra help is available in freezing weather



Support for people who can't access benefits as they have 'No recourse to public funds'

People with ‘No recourse to public funds’ are unable to claim most benefits, tax credits or council housing assistance.

ASSIST Sheffield provides support to destitute refused asylum seekers.

People who have no recourse to public funds are able to access accommodation during extreme cold weather, and may also receive help if they:

  • Have dependent children
  • Are victims of domestic violence
  • Are victims of trafficking


Read our blog to find out more about accommodation for vulnerable people in the city, with features on 911 Project, Salvation Army, TASC and the women only hostel.

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