Show compassion



  • Stopping to ask if someone is alright and whether they know about the help available for people on the street. You could download our 'Here to Help' map and show them the location of the nearest day centre, or place to get food. 
  • Ask if they’d like you to contact Sheffield’s Street Outreach Team. You can read about the work of the Street Outreach Team on our blog.
  • Having a chat. Treating people on the streets as human beings, without judgement, is important.
  • If you have the time and money, offer to buy them a cup of tea or a sandwich.

How else to respond

People often ask how they should respond to someone asking for money – they’ve said they don’t know what to do and feel guilty walking by.

Read our advice about giving money.


Not sure what support is available to people who beg and sleep rough?

Find out more here.

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