Many of the vulnerable service users don’t have access to items that might keep them busy, entertained during isolation – so we are offering what we call an enhancement offer asking for items such as

·       Old DVD players

·       DVD’s

·       Colouring books

·       Stationary

·       Board games

·       Jigsaws, Puzzles

·       Books

·       Computer games

·       TV’s

Donation drop off point is temporarily being operated from Bens Centre, who are open to receive donations from Monday – Friday 11am-1pm.

If you have any of the above please either message the Help us Help Facebook page, email  or call 0114 279 9961 or 0777 189 7086  (all messages will be responded to)

Note: they have introduced social distancing measures outside the project that allow people to drop off donations safely


We have volunteers in place to prep, cook and deliver cooked meals directly to those who need them, if you are interested in getting involved please email

Advice for people on the streets


Unfortunately, there is still a core group of individuals who are still out on the street, all have been offered accommodation, some have refused the offer and there are others who do already have somewhere to stay but find it difficult to adhere to the new social distancing measures.

We all worry about homeless and very vulnerable people please be assured, people are being fed in our city and this emergency response will be in place until normal times return

Stay safe – stay well!


Read our full Covid-19 statement here: Covid-19 statement


Not sure what support is generally available to people who beg and sleep rough?

Find out more here.

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