To our volunteers and supporters

To our volunteers and supporters - 17/06/2020

During the outbreak of COVID the need for volunteers has never been greater. All the charities feel extremely fortunate and are eternally grateful to everyone who has been and continues to offer their time and donations to ensure the Sheffield’s most vulnerable continue to receive vital items such as food, toiletries and items to help relieve and combat boredom. 

This hasn’t always been easy though, considering the situation and lockdown protocols, all of which were new for everyone concerned. There was the unexpected fire at Archer, which threatened to halt the meals on wheels offer, but didn’t because of volunteers' true grit and determination to ensure that the offer continued. Since April over 175 peopleper day have been provided with a cooked meal and packed lunch, that’s over 6000 in total. 

Charities have been extremely fortunate to have already been linked into local food networks.  Places like St Wilfrid’s, Bens Centre, Wednesday night soup kitchen, The Sunday Centre all redirected their food donations to the Archer Project to ensure there was ample food to meet the demand. We have also been able to pass on excess for to local food banks too. 

Volunteers are successfully trying to use all the food donated, in fact one of the major challenges faced by those involved has been trying to manage surplus food, trying to ensure that virtually nothing is wasted. 

100% of all non-food donations have been delivered directly to those who have needed them. We have had some amazing feedback from clients who have been grateful for everyone’s kind support, over 2000 items to be precise. 

We would like to thank you all for your continued efforts in this multi-agency response to the covid crisis. None of this could happen without your voluntary contribution and it is really appreciated.

Thank you!