Support from across the city

Support from across the city - 28/05/2020

One of the positives that’s come out of the city being on lockdown, is how it has amplified just how generous Sheffield people are, and how willing they are to donate and volunteer their time to support people in need. From right across the city, individuals and businesses alike, from all different backgrounds, have been doing their part to contribute to our emergency response effort. To everyone who has supported us so far, a heartfelt thank you.

We especially loved this story of Danish aged 7, and his sister Jawaria who’s 3.

Danish, from Nether Edge was feeling sad that it was difficult for him to give to charity during Ramadan, along with missing his friends and family at what would normally have been a busy and fun time for them all. He heard his neighbour Michaela talking to his Mum about the work of Help us Help in the city, and how Michaela had been dropping donations to Bens Centre to support homeless and vulnerably housed people during the pandemic.

Danish realised that he could do something positive to help, and decided to donate some of his savings to get together a huge box of toiletries to help those sleeping in hotel rooms or interim accommodation, ranging from shower gel to shampoo, deodorant and much more. How amazing is that!


Danish’s neighbour Michaela explained how Danish was feeling sad with a low mood about missing the  usual festivities of Ramadan, but by working on the donations drive his mental and spiritual health has improved which in turn has helped him to really enjoy his Eid celebrations with his family this year. It’s certainly been a Ramadan the family will never forget. Danish you are a superstar!

For updated information on how to support the emergency response effort in Sheffield, follow Help us Help across social media.