Sheffield students hitch-hiking to raise funds!

Sheffield students hitch-hiking to raise funds! - 06/01/2022

Students in Sheffield can sometimes get a bad press. But here's proof of the huge contribution that many of them make in supporting local charities and services in the city during their time here.


Chris Manley, a student from University of Sheffield tells us more...

"Baby Bummit was a hitchhiking event that occurred on 10th of November, a bunch of Uni of Sheffield students (150 total) all gathered on a early frosty morning, we warmed each other up with exciting smiles ready to go and then we set off in our teams of 2 & 3. 

From there we patiently, skillfully and sometimes happily thumbed for rides on big roads or motorway service stations all with the aim of getting to Edinburgh for pizza and a shin-dig. 


We all met many strangers along the way and had chat about who we are and where we're going and why we're going. Which is because a lot of us really like the idea of being more nomadic, Bummit really celebrates the old freedom of hitchhiking, the old style of green travel and actually encouraging meeting strangers. It's something I hope never dies.



And of course the charity, it feels great to be doing something fun, adventurous and new that also genuinely helps Sheffield as a community grow in many ways."


The students raised an enormous amount of money, and decided to donate £4000 to the Sunday Centre in Sheffield; a not-for profit organisation based in the city centre, which serves Sheffield’s homeless and vulnerable on Sundays when other services are closed.

Steve Clark, trustee of the Sunday Centre charity said, "we see our relationship with Sheffield's students as being very important. We love having student volunteers and the project couldn't operate without them. The very kind and generous donation that University of Sheffield student union have been able to raise through their sponsored hitch-hike, "Bummit", will help us carry on providing good food and essentials to people who come to the Sunday Centre in 2022. It will help us help those in our city who are in the most need."


Other charities benefiting from the students' endeavours include In Memory of Molly Hurst, Music in Hospitals, and Accessible Derbyshire.



Alison Wise for Help us Help, January 2022.