Rough Sleeper Winter Plan 20-21

Rough Sleeper Winter Plan 20-21 - 19/01/2021

Between 21 December 2020 and 31 March 2021, Sheffield City Council (SCC) has a ‘Rough Sleeper Winter Plan’ in place, to ensure that people who sleep rough are safeguarded against the winter weather and the risks posed by the pandemic.

Anyone sleeping rough in Sheffield will be assessed, and worked with to secure emergency and then more permanent ‘move on’ accommodation. 

The key aims of the Winter Plan are to:

  • Prevent deaths and serious harm on the streets due to harsh weather conditions
  • Reduce the risks for people sleeping rough
  • Increase opportunities for engagement with people sleeping rough
  • Contribute to the needs of the city
  • Continue with SCC’s aims to reduce and end rough sleeping

The Winter Plan is funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to offer the opportunity for persons known to be rough sleeping to be brought in off the streets this winter.  

Under the Winter Plan, SCC will be offering in house assessments, access to drug and alcohol services and engagement with health and mental health services, with a view to being able to secure rough sleepers with more permanent and settled accommodation.

SCC’s Housing Solutions team will assess individuals for eligibility and make decisions on whether someone can be placed into accommodation. People will be placed into hotels, and will be expected to cooperate with having an assessment, engaging with services and any other plans to help them achieve more permanent and settled accommodation. Specialist support and healthcare will also be provided, where required.

Once a rough sleeper is brought in off the streets, they will remain accommodated for the duration of the Winter Plan. The exception to this is where they are asked to leave due to their behaviour or risk to others.

Advice for the general public: If you see someone sleeping rough in Sheffield and are concerned, you can report it either online via Streetlink, or by calling Sheffield’s Street Outreach Team on 0800 066 5358 (free from landlines and mobiles), or texting SOTS to 80800, followed by your message. During evenings and weekends please phone SCC’s out of hours Housing Solutions service on 0800 7311 689.  


Alison Wise for Help us Help

January 2021