Partnership working with SWWOP and Framework

Partnership working with SWWOP and Framework - 15/07/2022

Thanks to Georgia Robinson (Street Outreach Worker, Framework) for sharing this case study. All names have been changed


Sheffield Working  Women's Opportunities Project (SWWOP) works with prostitutes based in Sheffield. At Framework we know that homeless women are often much harder to house than men for a few reasons and that we were often missing them during our normal outreach sessions.

As a result, Framework’s Street Outreach Team set up a weekly drop-in session based at SWWOP’s office around 4 months ago. This has been really successful and we have been able to help women who are homeless and at risk. Below is an example. 

A few weeks ago we were finding ‘Claire’ rough sleeping during our morning outreach. However during the day we would not see Claire due to the nature of her chaotic lifestyle meaning we were unable to offer her support. Claire did not feel comfortable accessing the day centres where we usually see clients.

Offering the drop-in session at SWWOP meant we could advise Claire to see us there where she felt safe. We started with a cup of tea and a friendly chat, this allowed Claire to open up and tell us what she needed help with. In just 2 hours we managed to link Claire up with her probation officer who she had not contacted for weeks (putting her at risk of breach), make her an appointment through the HALT team to get on a script the next day, contact her housing officer and secure temporary accommodation.

We also helped her access a food parcel and new clothes. Claire was overwhelmed with the amount of support she had received in such a short period of time; she was extremely thankful and said the drop in service we offer would go on to help many women.

Georgia Robinson (Street Outreach Worker, Framework)