Outreach map

Outreach map - 12/05/2022

Providing up-to-date information about the support that exists for people on the streets in Sheffield is a key aim of the Help us Help campaign. The information needs to be readily available and accessible for vulnerable people seeking support, and also for the general public who may be unsure about what support is available.

Since the Street Outreach Guidance was launched in early 2022, the Help us Help steering group has been looking at ways to disseminate the information about where people can access support. The group agreed that producing a map showing the locations of the support available, with details of how it could be accessed would be a useful addition to the guidance.

Step forwards students from The University of Sheffield’s Students’ Union volunteering group, Helping Hand! The students ran with the idea and produced a brilliant map, packed with information, covering the whole city centre. 

The map will soon be stocked at Ben’s Centre and other city centre support locations and distributed by outreach teams who will hand it out to people they provide support to on the streets of Sheffield. The map is clear and concise and aims to make sure everyone is aware of the support available, from housing to mental health, drug and alcohol support, and day to day support including food and drink.

Another successful project completed, and one where the students have again shown their commitment to working alongside Sheffield services, charities and the Help us Help steering group to support people in need in positive and proactive ways.


Thanks to Lujain, Sarah, and everyone involved!


Alison Wise for Help us Help, May 2022