More than housing

More than housing - 01/07/2022

Thanks to Steph Haines, team leader from Framework for sharing this case study with us. All names have been changed.


'Peter' is originally from Poland. He has been in the UK for 12 years. He was trafficked here and was made to work in car washes for a while. Peter managed to escape and is now as a result rough sleeping.

Peter volunteers at The Archer Project every day, despite sleeping rough. He helps out with cleaning and also in the kitchen. Peter has a mild learning difficulty and speaks little English. As a result, he had not managed to apply for EU Settled Status.

Using some extra funding from Sheffield City Council, workers from Framework traveled with Peter to the Polish Embassy in Manchester to obtain some identification, which allowed him to apply for his EU Settled Status.

Whilst talking more with Peter, it became apparent that his vision is quite poor and that he used to wear glasses. As he does not receive benefits, he is not entitled to receive free eye testing or glasses. Using the same funding, Peter was able to get an eye test and purchase some glasses.

Peter's worker accompanied him to the opticians. He was overwhelmed by how services helped him to obtain ID, start applying for his EU Settled Status and obtain glasses so that he can see properly.

Framework's main aim is to get people housed. However, for some of the people that the team works with, like Peter, housing is not possible due to their status in the UK, and funding issues. In these situations, there is still a lot of support available to help with wellbeing and for the team to ensure that people are as safe as possible whilst rough sleeping.


Shared with Help us Help by Steph Haines, team leader from Framework.

July 2022