Liam's story, from Framework

Liam's story, from Framework - 12/11/2021

Framework have been working with a client for over 4 years called ‘Liam’. Liam is difficult to engage due to his high drug use and chaotic lifestyle. Over the years he has gained a relationship with Framework. We have helped him contact Probation and build a relationship with them as well. Liam refused to be housed without having a script. We tried to book him various appointments with START (drug service in Sheffield), but in total over the past year he has missed 14 appointments.

Recently, we contacted the new service HALT who are an outreach department within START. Liam turned up at Archer Project in the morning. He said he really needed to be on script and wanted to get on it the same day. We contact HALT who were nearby. They assessed Liam and managed to get him on a script the same day.

Liam was so chuffed with this and has been on script ever since. Framework managed to get Liam a phone so we could contact him regarding housing. Being on script and having a phone has given him a bit of stability and enabled us and the council to get Liam into a BnB. Liam is really happy in the new BnB and we have managed to get him some new clothes through Sharewear. HALT are helping him to move his script nearby and he now has an assessment booked in with Target over the phone. This could lead to him having stable supported accommodation.


Stephanie Haines, Framework Street Outreach Team

November 2021