Lee's story

Lee's story - 10/06/2020

We asked Sheffield’s Street Outreach team from Framework to share some case studies with us about their work and the clients they have been supporting during the pandemic.


Lee’s story

“Lee” was first found by our service in June 2017. He was made homeless after a relationship breakdown 8 months prior, leaving Lee unable to see his children and having a significant impact on his mental health. Lee’s mental health would decline to a point where he would be diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and this was coupled with multiple drug dependencies. 

Lee spent most of his time out of the city centre and became more and more isolated from others, including services. He did not receive consistent treatment for his mental health since 2018 and his drug dependencies only got worse, leading to anti-social behaviour related to approaching people for money. Lee had been in a number of different accommodation services in Sheffield, but nearly all ended with Lee not returning after, at most, a few weeks.

Some days Lee would engage and ask for help, but this was often early in a morning when no other services were available. By 9am, Lee would be nowhere to be seen or too heavily under the influence, making getting any assessments or appointments arranged and completed almost impossible. It was clear a more flexible approach was necessary.

Through partnership working with the RSI team on a joint outreach at 6am, Lee was found on a day that he happened to be mentally well enough to complete an assessment. Lee had been found while doing joint outreach with the RSI team in the past, but the timing had never been right. He was then placed in accommodation that had been acquired by the council for the purpose of housing rough sleepers during the pandemic. It marks the longest period Lee has spent in accommodation since 2018 and has also led to significantly reduced begging. Lee thanked us all for our help.


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