Kindness matters

Kindness matters - 05/11/2020

Recently, we put out an appeal on the Help us Help social media to ask if anybody had an old laptop they no longer needed. Lots of our audience shared the post, and it was seen by Anne who lives in the Woodseats area of Sheffield.

Anne’s husband was in the process of wiping her mother’s old laptop, ready for it to be disposed of, so instead he set it all back up again and Anne donated it to Help us Help! The laptop was given to Brett, the organiser of a new online recovery support group, based out of De Hood Boxing Centre.

We asked Brett to take up the story: “The laptop has been absolutely brilliant and essential in helping to set up a peer run, peer led community support group helping people access recovery. It has helped us to reach out to many more people than would have been possible otherwise. We’ve had around 130 join in the first week alone, and with a second lockdown starting, the service it’s providing is essential for those in our local community who are struggling to cope, abstain, maintain recovery or just access the support that they desperately need. On that note I would like to give a big thank you to the kind soul who donated the laptop, thank you from myself, De Hood Recovery and all the people who are using our service!”

You can read more about the work of De Hood here:




Alison Wise for Help us Help

Nov 2020