Kevin's story - from Framework Street Outreach Team

Kevin's story - from Framework Street Outreach Team - 19/11/2021

Kevin has been in and out of prison for the last 5 years or so, never being out long enough to sort his out his housing or his drug use. This most recent time he was released we were lucky enough to be able get him assessed with the council and placed with Target Housing.

Unfortunately due to an incident at his Target property in the first week he felt that he could not return. He abandoned his property, stopped seeing probation and put his head in the sand. Kevin still used the Archer Project to get hot food and drinks in the day. Framework saw Kevin at Archer Project one day and asked what had happened to his property. He said he started suffering with panic attacks and could not return. He had tried to get in touch with Target but kept burying his head in the sand, not knowing how to do with obstacles.

Framework called his Target worker to speak to them and they sorted out a move to a different property. Kevin was over the moon. Framework also contacted his probation worker to enable him to keep in touch and follow his license conditions. Then they contacted HALT to see if there was anything they could do, there and then, to help him get on methadone script. They answered straight away and offered Kevin an appointment later that day and got him on a methadone script.

In just one day, Kevin had managed to sort out his housing issue, probation and substance misuse. Thanks to Target Housing, HALT, Probation and the Archer Project. Partnership working at its best!


Stephanie Haines, Framework Street Outreach Team

November 2021