Hear from Shelter's GROW trainee

Hear from Shelter's GROW trainee - 13/10/2021

Some insights from Shelter Sheffield's GROW trainee (Get Real Opportunities for Work).


"My journey as a Grow trainee started 3 months ago when after 2 ½ years volunteering for Project 6 came to an end.

The transition was a big leap of faith as I`ve never worked in an office setting and all I could rely on is my lived experience which was a big imbalance to be effective, as I thought I had the confidence and the skills that this role required.

Seating in an office is not the adequate job for me as I was looking for a more pro-active role engaging with clients and be out in the field, but like our life experiences we all have to adapt, be reliable, resilient and willing to step forward and break barriers along the way so the path is clear and clutter free for us to proceed.

I found my colleagues at Shelter very friendly, helpful and always willing to help when in doubt even though we work independently from each other daily.

Now after 3 months I feel a purpose as I have a couple of clients who need help to resettle and address their drug and alcohol use, and I am co-working with other support workers. Shelter as well as everyone has been through a pandemic that damaged not just the economy but all the support services creating pressure, frustration, unemployment and a big rise of needs amongst communities that needs every one of us to act as one and help the ones that can`t.

Change yourself to change the world."