December's day of action

December's day of action - 22/12/2020

Several times throughout the year services come together for inter-agency outreach sessions, known as ‘days of action’. One recent day of action involved staff and volunteers from across Sheffield services, including: South Yorkshire Police, Sheffield Treatment and Recovery Team, Rough Sleeper Team, Hep C Trust, Probation Services, city centre parish nurse and city centre ambassadors. The main aim of the day was to engage with people found on the streets, rough sleeping, begging or already known to services, and offer support and help with any service providers.

Teams walked around the city centre, offering support relating to accommodation, health, encouragement to access prescribed drugs and treatment, HEP C testing, re-engagement with probation and any other support needed.

The outcomes from the multi agency team:

  • 1 housing assessment undertaken
  • An individual who had previously refused Housing 1st, accepted
  • 1 referral to Shelter
  • 1 assessed and housed the same day - this person has since signed up for a computer course in January
  • 1 Hep C treatment follow up
  • 2 drug treatment appointments were rearranged

Partnership outreach sessions will continue in the new year alternating between daytime and evening.


Case study 

Richard Allen, a volunteer with the Hep C trust played an amazing role in supporting someone who was extremely distressed and vulnerable emotionally and physically. Richard shared his tobacco, sat and listened and went above and beyond what is expected of a Hep C Volunteer.

He was given permission to accompany the person for his housing assessment, which was a really good experience for Richard, as having been homeless himself on many occasions he got to see first-hand how when someone is ready and willing partnership agencies CAN get people off the streets and directly into accommodation.

Following the housing assessment, the person was driven over to his new accommodation, by a member of staff from the housing team. His new place had everything he needed except a TV, but after a few calls Help us Help were able to arrange for a second hand TV. Toiletries and cleaning products were donated by Tesco’s community champion Julia.