De Hood Recovery and Wellbeing

De Hood Recovery and Wellbeing - 09/03/2021

De Hood Recovery started as a recovery health and wellbeing support group in a classroom at De Hood boxing centre at the Manor, Sheffield. The founders of the group recognised a significant need for a peer support group for people suffering with substance misuse problems and began with face-to-face support meetings. The popularity and success of the meetings grew, and its members were encouraged to join in with circuit training and also to take an active part in voluntary activities at De Hood where possible.

The face-to-face meetings usually take place on a weekly basis each Thursday 4:30pm-5:30pm and for those wishing to train, the circuits are 6pm-7pm.

The contact for De Hood is Leroy Young on 07752 720 454 or email

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted a need for further support, and this saw the beginning of online Zoom meetings which currently run every Tuesday and Thursday 6pm-7pm, and occasionally run for longer if necessary. In addition to this De Hood has a Facebook group and a messenger group where its members can seek support and share useful recovery information with its members. When restrictions allow, De Hood meet within guidelines and go for walks to ensure the fitness and mental wellbeing of its members is upheld.

Both the face-to-face and online meetings provide a forum for people to share any difficulties along with successes with regards to recovery. Additionally, there is potential for sign-posting to other services for instance for those suffering with poor mental health, domestic abuse or social problems such as housing.

The benefits of De Hood recovery forum include peer support, sign-posting, learning and educational opportunities, volunteering opportunities and access to health and wellbeing resources via the group. The main benefit of De Hood recovery is that it welcomes its members and feels like one big family.

For recovery month De Hood gets involved with a range of events and usually celebrates in style by going camping and organising outdoor activities with its members.

Read more about De Hood and get involved:  and you can read more recovery stories on the DACT website:


Amy Parkin, De Hood, March 2021