Beverly's story

Beverly's story - 01/01/1970

We asked Sheffield’s Street Outreach team from Framework to share some case studies with us about their work and the clients they have been supporting during the pandemic.


Beverly’s story

Under current circumstances (Covid-19 pandemic) efforts have been made to ensure that all service users receive full support in finding accommodation in order to ensure that everyone has a fair opportunity to self-isolate and limit the spread of Coronavirus. 

During this time there have been multiple examples of success in achieving this even amongst our most entrenched rough sleepers such as “Beverly”.  Beverly has been a service user for over three years now and has been regularly found on daily outreaches, being amongst the top of the most found service users that we have come across. Having been a heavy alcohol, heroin and crack user, she found herself in a difficult situation with both her issues around substance misuse and her housing situation. It became increasingly difficult to engage with Beverly and she only started being receptive to help towards the end of 2019. 

First of all we got in touch with the drug services in order to try and get Beverly on a prescription to help manage drug use. Things were up and down with Beverly often missing appointments due to not being in the right headspace when we approached, but eventually this was something we got sorted. This then led to Beverly responding to us very positively, but the situation with housing was slower than expected due to her reputation and being refused from providers in which she expressed interest in living. This created difficulties and frustrations with Beverly and then with the global pandemic, many service users including Beverly developed anxiety as life for us all began to change.

When most of the world stood still, we continued to work 7 days a week in order to find solutions for street homelessness. Working alongside other services including Sheffield City Council we were able to get Beverly placed into a hotel which was funded specifically for the Covid-19 pandemic in order to give all a safe environment off of the streets. As life returns back to normality exit plans are being designed in order to find more permanent accommodation for those such as Beverly. While on afternoon outreach last week we came across Beverly who was looking healthy and happy; I asked how she was getting on and she told me just fine. It was the happiest I had seen Beverly in the past year, which was great to see.


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