Alan's story

Alan's story - 23/06/2020

“It’s just a matter of respect”, explained Alan.

“I owe Andy and the team at Archer Project so much. I used to be all about what I could get. Always taking. It used to be all about me. Proper selfish, like. Now I just want to make up for that and give something back”.

Help us Help spoke to Alan, resident of The Greens supported accommodation in Sheffield for the past 18 months, about his fundraising drive to support the Archer Project following their devastating fire recently. 

The Sheffield recovery-focused accommodation at The Greens, provides modern accommodation and an abstinence-based support service for adults who are alcohol and/or substance mis-users and who need housing. They work flexibly to meet the needs of service users, like Alan, and focus on equipping residents with the skills to move on to independent living in a planned way. They help clients to build recovery capital, reintegrate into the community, and to maintain a stable lifestyle.

Alan and some fellow Greens residents cycled 100 miles between them on an exercise bike, which he described as ‘fun’, and have been collecting sponsorship money to support the clean up efforts at the Archer Project, all for a centre and a team who have supported so many people in the city. 


Alan explained, “some people have nothing. Nowhere to live. No food. Archer helps with that. I wouldn’t have survived without that place, without Andy’s support. That I know for sure.”

“I used to have a raging habit and everything I did was about the drugs. I didn’t think about anybody else. Now I’ve kicked the habit and got myself sorted, I can start to make up for that. I owe Andy and the team at Archer so much thanks. I want to start volunteering there when I can, helping out with making lunches and stuff”.

Thanks to Alan (and friends) for their hard work!

To donate to the fundraising efforts to support the work of Archer Project, visit:

You can read more about the support provided to people like Alan at The Greens here: