A note of thanks

A note of thanks - 16/11/2019

#StoriesFromTheStreets - Telling the stories you don't get to hear

Recently someone who had been living on the streets put pen to paper and wrote to one of the Service Managers from Sheffield City Council’s Accommodation and Support Service, thanking the housing team and staff for all the support he recently received from one of Sheffield's interim supported accommodation providers.

An important part of the Help us Help campaign is to try and highlight all of the hard work that often goes on behind the scenes to help Sheffield's vulnerable and to demonstrate that there are many who have found themselves in desperate situations, but with support have managed to turn it around

He wrote:

Dear X
I am writing this letter to say thank you to all the staff at X. I arrived here several months ago in a real mess mentally and physically, but thanks to their help and support I have turned my life around, I am clean and sober, mentally stable and on medication.

The staff made sure i went to all my appointments and got me the right help, supported, showed me respect and stopped certain people from taking advantage of me. Now I have my life together, have nice accommodation, they saved my life and gave my kids a father back thank you too X, X, and X, they gave me more than just accommodation.

Thank you!


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